There Are So Many Easy Ways You Can Help

Many of the animals we rescue are sick, malnourished and have never felt a kind touch. There is good news though — You can help and it is very easy!

Caring for these wonderful animals comes with a cost. Providing everything from supplies to vet care becomes expensive very fast. Although we manage, any help is always welcome and appreciated. Your donations allow us to rescue, treat, and rehabilitate these animals. Help does not always have to come in the form of dollars. Donations of supplies go a long way. Providing a pregnant dog a warm blanket or a scared cat a bed can make even the loneliest animal feel loved. Like many rescues, it's our volunteers that make things happen, so if you want to be involved, you can even donate your time!

One simple way is to join us in our Second Hand Wags Toy & Blanket Drive. As you can imagine, we have a huge Wish List. What we really need right now, are toys, blankets, towels, and dog beds, used or new, and treats for the many animals in our care and at the shelters we help. It may not seem like much, but an old beat up dog bed, a stained towel that is worn and frayed, or a stuffed animal that is past it's prime, is a big deal to us and believe me the animals don't complain about them not being new.

If you don't have time to round up any items, you can always donate through Paypal. It fast, convenient and secure. You can even designate your donation for a particular dog or cat on our available pet list. We rely solely on the generosity of individuals who share our passion of caring for animals. All funds donated immediately go to work to rescue, rehabilitate and place more animals into loving homes. Thank you so much for supporting MARL.

You can also mail a donation to:
MARL, PO Box 61,
Red Banks, MS 38661

Employer Match Programs

Many employers match, dollar for dollar, contributions to IRS-certified charitable organizations. Does your employer match your charitable contributions? This is an easy way to increase the value of your contribution to MidSouth Animal Rescue League! Check with your employer to find out if there is a Gift-Matching Program in existence and take advantage of it.

Volunteer and Donations

Other companies have donation programs that support employee volunteer involvement by providing financial support to nonprofit organizations once an employee volunteers. The company makes a donation after the employee has volunteered a designated number of hours. Please ask your company if they have a volunteer hour or matching gift program today.

Toy & Blanket Wish List

Items our animals need include:

  • Volunteers! Volunteers! Volunteers!
  • Blankets of all Sizes
  • Kiddy Pools
  • Towels & Rags
  • Kongs
  • Dog & Cat Toys
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Treats! Treats! Treats!
  • Trash Bags
  • Cat Toys
  • Stainless Steel Water Pails & Bowls